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Why Eco?

Our "Green Programme

At Green Garden Resort, protecting our natural world and the planet we live on is something we take very seriously and we know that travellers are now more environmentally conscious than ever before.

We believe that hotels have a responsibility to be as socially, economically and environmentally sustainable as possible, which is why we are committed to making sustainability one of our five key pillars.


  • We have presence sensors to avoid keeping lights on unnecessarily.
    All of the hotel''s lighting is LED, which helps us to reduce our energy consumption and provides high efficiency.
  • We calculate our carbon footprint to create environmental actions that compensate for the CO2 emissions generated by our activity.
  • We have a guide with technical specifications for purchasing more efficient electrical appliances.

Water saving

  • We take action to avoid wasting water in our establishment. If you wish to contribute, please make a rational use of water.
  • If you would like to help by not changing sheets and towels, please make use of the signage in your villa.
  • Together we can reduce chlorine and detergent and save millions of litres of water. Thank you very much for supporting this initiative, our Island will thank you for it.


  • We do not use bleach or cleaning chemicals that are not biodegradable.
  • We use salt to produce chlorine in swimming pools.

Zero plastics

  • The entire hotel uses a waste recycling system in all areas.
  • We have no single-use plastic items (straws are biodegradable and cups are reusable).
  • We have a "Zero Plastics" policy. We use dispensers to avoid the use of single-use containers for gel and shampoo.

Paper printing

We help save our planet''s trees by NOT printing unnecessarily.

Oxygen generation

We have planted over 3,000 plants and trees to offset our carbon footprint.

Social Responsibility

We encourage the production and development of the local agricultural economy by purchasing island products: potatoes, cheese, fish, vegetables, fruit and wine.

Electric vehicle charging point

In our facilities, we have charging points for electric vehicles.